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The Idea


Collage poetry with Facebook statuses = pithy historical statements generated from the voice of the populace that never shuts up.

Every day millions of us spew bullshit into the stratosphere. Where does it go? Will it ever come back to us? What can it fertilize?

This site is dedicated to mining collaborative messages from the peanut galleries of cyberspace--from one peanut gallery in particular, a site that just might have taken the copyrights to our own words out from under us (i.e., our souls). And while I, too, am taking your (or not-your) words, consider what I am doing collage, not plagiarism. The site's title is attention-grabbing and incidental.  

Click on the Poetry in Motion link to the left to mine for verbal gold. Feel free to spend it however you want. Enjoy, and remember—-you said it, not me.

[Whatever transgressions committed herein are for the sake of Art.]

The Rules

Each line in a poem is a verbatim blurb from an individual’s certain-website-posting, or sampled stati. All sampled stati are culled from the date of the title (though probably not necessarily posted on this date). Line breaks mean the phrase is from a new status, or possibly a different chunk of the same status, though that feels sort of like cheating and so is avoided if at all possible.

And the possibilities are many. As one poem informs us,

This stupid format
ends up being
adorable and admirable.

Questions? Comments? Responses? Choice stati?

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